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Cocaine Abuse and Addiction Treatment

Due to the pervasive nature of cocaine use, drug treatment centers have responded by developing effective treatments for cocaine abuse.

Cocaine abuse and addiction is complicated, as it involves biological changes in the brain as well as many social, and environmental factors. Treatment, in order to address the patient's needs, is also complicated.

No medications exist to treat cocaine addiction. However, a promising drug made with selegeline may become available in a pill or skin patch. Disulfiram, has been shown to help in clinical studies. Antidepressants have also shown to help with mood swings. Medical treatments are under development to treat severe emergencies from cocaine.

Behavioral therapies are the only effective treatment available for cocaine addiction. Residential and outpatient programs at drug treatment centers have succeeded in treating cocaine and crack addiction.

It is essential that the treatment is matched to the needs of the patient. It should be adjusted over time if needed, to prevent relapse. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps patients recognize, avoid, and cope with situations where they might be likely to fall back into cocaine use.

A good cocaine rehab center offers hope for those suffering from the obsessive clutches of cocaine or crack. An experienced staff should provide a compassionate, supportive environment. Trained cocaine addiction professionals should conduct individual assessments that address each individual’s treatment needs. A cocaine and crack drug treatment program should offer access to a continuum of care that provides the intensity of therapy appropriate throughout each stage of recovery, from extended residential care to lifetime aftercare services. The individual program should incorporate leading forms of therapy that have proven effective in addressing underlying causes of cocaine and crack drug use, dual diagnosis, and issues with family, work, school and the legal system. A qualified cocaine rehab center must also work with patients individually, in group and in a Family Program. Emphasis on recovery from cocaine and crack addiction and maintained sobriety helps prepare the patient for gradual re-entry into society.

Treatment for cocaine or crack does not need to be voluntary, as often a family member, employer, or the court system can be the deciding factor for an individual to receive treatment for cocaine or crack addiction.

If you think that you or a loved one may be addicted to cocaine or crack, please contact us right away.


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